So today I officially started as part of Loughborough Uni’s business program, The Studio, which is very exciting. They have recently moved offices so now they are using the area where I cheekily shot the cover editorial for the 3rd issue of @jungle_magazine. It was kinda weird seeing it transformed into offices but it’s also very cool to be part of that program. :)
Models: @dzoanamazur and @c_stace1 
MUAH: the amazing @samanthalyann

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A little throwback from the shoot with @dzoanamazur and @c_stace1 for the cover of 3rd issue of @jungle_magazine which is currently featured on ISSUU.

Photography: @aliforoughijr
Models: @dzoanamazur and @c_stace1 
MUA: @samanthalyann
Assistant: @vanessanidia

It seems like such a long time ago that I shot this. This is from the cover shoot from the second issue of @jungle_magazine and not gonna lie, it was after this shoot that I realised how much I enjoy what I do. It also sorta made me believe a little bit more in myself as I took a very big gamble with it. Looking back, I should have done so many things differently but I guess it was part of the learning curve. Still the cover of that issue is one of the very few photos that I have taken and I’m proud of.

Photographer: @aliforoughijr
MUAH: @elouisemua
Model: @kim_gossip @modelstudents
Assistant: @glitterboxart

One of the images from the Rebellion editorial for @jungle_magazine - we actually had a crowd watching us and had a little Chinese lady casually chilling and not moving in the background.

Photography: @aliforoughijr
Model: @jennyguttridge @profilemodels
Stylist: @farahpopxo
MUA: @stefibazavanmua
Hairstylist: @hannahsorcha
Assistants: @mokakephotography and @vanessanidia

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Can I like… Just live here please?
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This was one hectic day in my life but I think in the end it came live thanks to an incredible team.

Photographer: @aliforoughijr
Model: @carolineraymond1 @profilemodels
MUAH: @natashaaaa_x
Shot for @jungle_magazine

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Phew they’re here in time for London Fashion Week. I’m a tiny bit too excited :)


Cover of the Rebellion editorial I shot for @jungle_magazine

Photography: @aliforoughijr
Styling: @farahpopxo
Makeup: @stefibazavan
Hair: @hannahsorcha
Model: @jennyguttridge - @profilemodels
Assistants: @mokakephotography and @vanessanidia

You can see the issue here:

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